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How the Life-Changing PopUpDeskTop was Born.

In 2003, Steve Brielmaier had a problem. Sitting in an office chair all day, combined with a 2 hour daily commute meant numb legs and a sore back. Needing a standing break, Steve searched in vain for a reasonably priced standing desk. So he did what any frugal inventor would do, he built his own.

Meet Steve

Steve Sitting                                                     Steve using the original “Model T” version

Standing Up Before Standing was Cool

Lots of curious looks eventually led to “where can I get one” inquiries.  Steve spend 7 years perfecting the specifications and waiting for America to catch up with the “desk standing” lifestyle.   In 2010, Home Concept started selling the stationary stand up desk, the “Speedy Stand.”     In December 2012, the first foldable stand up desk, the “PopUpDeskTop.” is poised for phenomenal growth.

Our Destiny

We will not rest until everyone in America can try “desk Standing.”  The Stand up craze is just beginning and new products are in development.  New colors, new sizes and new configurations.  Custom production for larger corporate clients.  Other Stand up lifestyle products are coming to life.   Anticipate Monitor management and cushions for your feet in the future.   Feel free to let us know how you are using our desks and what stand up issues you would like us to solve.