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How It Works

Here is how it works:

Convert your current desk into a stand up power center in seconds.


  • Just pop it up and you are ready to work.
  • PopUpDeskTop sits right on top of your current desk, letting you switch from sitting to standing in seconds
  • Standing lets your blood flow freely, instantly giving you more energy.
  •  And more energy means you get more work done
  • And all the while you are burning calories and strengthening your core.


Simply place the popupdesktop on your existing desk and you are ready to work.  Add your laptop, tablet or paperwork and get ready to work smarter and faster than you thought possible. [picture of desk]

The PopUpDeskTop stand up desk was developed using proven kinesiology techniques that have successfully boosted energy levels and improved productivity for thousands of office workers and students.  PopUpDesktop is a healthy alternative to the sedentary office chair.   [picture of scientist studying work sitting vs. standing]

Pop Up Desk Top offers the most wallet-friendly way for you to test the stand up lifestyle.  Don’t spend $2,000 on a new lift desk, when popupdesktop gets it done for $100.

But who wants to stand up all day long?  With popupdesktop, you get your old desk back in 3 seconds flat.    And it’s the only stand up solution that quickly folds flat for easy storage.  [we need an animated gif showing opening and closing.]

Reach your full potential when you discover the healthy benefits of standing up at work.

Pop Up Desk Top also offers the only stand up desk solution that folds for easy storage and portability.

Pop Up Desk Top is a. In no time you can join the stand up revolution and be living a truly healthy workplace lifestyle.