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How to Burn Calories by Just Standing at Your Desk

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How to Burn Calories by Just Standing at Your Desk

You may be an office worker who spends the most part of the day seated at your desk. However, you do not have to accept it as a fact and literally spend the whole day sitting on your office chair. Aside from making your bones and muscles stiff, sitting around all day also has many other unfavorable effects. One of these is weight gain or obesity. Studies show that about 35.7 adults in the US are obese. Plus, it was also reported that there was a rise in obesity from 1990 to 2010. And so, this means you have to stand up often, or better yet, stand at your desk (if you happen to have a standing desk, that is). Why? Standing burns more calories than sitting.

Let’s say you do not have a standing desk just yet, here are a few standing exercises that you can do to burn calories.

  • When you do not have to stay focused on a document, you can answer phone calls while standing. You can even march in place to give your legs a workout. But basically, marching (just like walking) is great for shedding some pounds.
  • If you are just reading something on your computer screen, you can change the settings so that the page is enlarged. You can then read the document as you stand. This will strengthen your back muscles as they will be forced to support the full weight of your body, as opposed to sitting on a chair that assumes the job. Plus, because you are challenging your muscles to keep working, you can bet that they will and burn the calories that you want to get rid of.
  • It is also possible to do yoga stretches in your break time. You can do upper body stretches to ease tired muscles. You can do shoulder stretches to relieve neck and back pain. You can even do leg stretches to keep blood flowing to your lower extremities. Aside from preventing stiffness in your muscles, yoga also burns calories as it keeps you energized the whole day.
  • This one is not actually an exercise you can do at your desk. Instead, this one is something you can do away from it. Yes, you can take a brisk walk during coffee break. This will get your heart pumping for some good old aerobic exercise. If you want to take this a bit farther, you can go up one flight of stairs and come back down again. You will surely burn calories if you do this every day.
  • Here’s one good thing you can also do: eat lunch standing up. Makes sense, right? When you take in food, you do not allow your body to convert extra calories into fat as you are already burning them. Yes, as mentioned, standing burns more calories than sitting.
  • If you are the boss, then you can do your employees a lot of good by scheduling walking meetings. These are great for getting the creative juices flowing as you give your heart, lungs, and muscles a good workout. If the weather is great outside, you can even take your active walking brainstorming session outside.

To cut a long story short, you can do a lot more to burn calories by just standing at your desk. You just need to be creative in giving your body the extra help in needs in shedding unwanted pounds. Do not think of this as an annoyance or an inconvenience as you are doing it to stay fit, healthy, and productive.

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