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Benefits of Standing

Is your Office Chair Killing You?

If you work in an office, chances are you sit over 8 hours a day. Most of us do more sitting than any other single activity and it is bad for our health.

Sitting all Day long

To make matters worse, when you punch out, what happens?  Our commutes have gotten longer so we get up from our office chair only to sit in our car. Worse still, we end our day in our easy chair sitting in front of our flat screen TVs, or going online. The human body

was not designed to sit down for 10-12 hours per day! But that is exactly what we are doing every day.



Shocking new studies reveal that prolonged sitting will put you in an early grave. When you sit down, your body becomes lethargic and lazy. The more you sit, the more harm you do. Doctors say prolonged sitting is the “new smoking” and can lead to Heart Disease, Obesity, Diabetes and even Cancer. Is it any wonder why America is losing the battle of the bulge?

Experts Agree

Listen to:

James Levine, a Mayo Clinic endocrinologist, “chair-living is lethal.  Of concern is that for most people in the developed world chair-living is the norm.”

Dr. Alpa Patel, Epidemiologist  “Our study (for the American Cancer Society) suggests women who sat for more than six hours a day were 37 percent more likely to die prematurely… So the bottom line is get up and stand.”

Get Up, Stand Up

So if too much sitting is the problem, then the solution is obvious:  Stand Up more.   But most of us can’t quit our jobs to become a Forest Ranger.  And we certainly can’t stand up while driving.   Since most of our sitting is done at work, we need to ditch our office chair.

Old Fashioned Stand Up Desks

Most standing desks force you to stand up all day long. This is too harsh a transition for most of us. What’s worse is that you have to buy a whole new desk for hundreds of dollars, that isn’t portable and requires space that you just don’t have.And a fully adjustable hydraulic lift model that lets you sit or stand at the same desk can cost $2,500 or more.


But get this.  Standing up all day is not the ultimate solution either. Experts now recommend a regimen of “postural rotation”, or simply switching between sitting and standing during your work day.

PopUpDeskTop to the RESCUE

The good news is that the revolutionary PopUpDeskTop delivers all this and more.  Here is how it works:

  • The PopUpDeskTop sits right on top of your current desk, letting you transition from sitting to standing in seconds
  • The large 36” top gives you a full 3 feet of workspace, enough to fit your laptop and all your paperwork
  • Solid construction includes no-slip feet and a super-durable work surface.
  • Hidden space below is perfect for holding supporting files or your next project, keeping your desk clean.


Special Patented Portability

The PopUpDeskTop is the only stand up desk that can do this. When you want a sitting break you just move the stand and you have your old desk back.  Now watch this.  If you don’t have the room to store your PopUpDeskTop, simply collapse it for easy storage.  Just loosen the thumbscrews, fold in the sides, fold down the back and secure it in the folded position.  It easily slides behind a door or file cabinet.

What do PopUpDeskTop Users say?

“I drive 50 minutes to work, sit all day, and then sit for my 50 minute drive back home.  It’s no wonder my legs are numb. But when I stand up at work, the numbness goes away. Plus I’m getting more work done.  Since they won’t make a car that I can drive standing up, the only time I can stand and move around is at work.”  W.T. Ann Arbor, MI

“I love being able to quickly switch from standing to sitting.  My boss was not going to drop $500 for a fixed-height standing desk, but he quickly approved the PopUpDeskTop.  Now that he sees how much more I get done, guess who wants one)  I like it because it lets me keep my current desk and stand when I want.  I still sit about half the time, but the day goes much faster and I get WAY more
done.”  C.R. Murfreesboro, TN

“I take my PopUpDeskTop home on the weekends.  It is easy to fold up and lays flat in my backseat.  I get more done and I just feel better about getting up off my chair.”  Boston, MA

Who should use the PopUpDeskTop?

Perfect for:

  • Professionals – Lawyers love the stand because they think more clearly.
  • Students – kids are naturally restless and standing lets their young minds work at peak efficiency. Standing is recommended by ADHD clinics.
  • Back Pain Sufferers – relieve the pain of slumping all day in a chair.
  • Love Handle wearers – WSJ reported “taking breaks from sitting helps trim waistlines and reduce heart disease”.
  • Poor leg circulation sufferers – Standing prevents “kinked” blood vessels
  • Lethargic or distracted workers – Turbo charge your output by letting you blood flow freely. Your production will skyrocket.
PopUpDeskTop Benefits

Find out why the stand up craze is sweeping the nation. If you want to

  1. Live longer
  2. Lose weight, especially stubborn belly fat
  3. Strengthen your core
  4. Ease back strain
  5. Improve circulation
  6. Increase your energy level
  7. Increase your focus and productivity
You can get these benefits by making one simple change. We have made it super easy for you to try standing up at work.