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My Boss Approved Quickly

C.R. Murfreesboro, TN

“I love being able to quickly switch from standing to sitting. My boss was not going to drop $500 for a fixed-height standing desk, but he quickly approved the low priced Speedy Stand. (Now that he sees how much more I get done, guess who wants one?)…

I like it because it lets me keep my current desk and stand when I want. I still sit about half the time, but the day goes much faster and I get WAY more done.”

Desk Looks Great and Performs Even Better

Whitney J. (Minnesota) Professor

desk looks better and performs better than I expected! I purchased this desk to alleviate neck pain by working in different positions. I have been very happy with the results. The desk is big enough for me to fit a laptop, an extra monitor and tilted podium for reading (although it’s tight). Some assembly is required and I was not sure how strong it would be after I completed assembling it…

Six months later I have had no problems. The desk looks better and performs better than I expected at the price. I recommend it to someone that wants to spend at least some work time standing up.

Our Staff Loves Them!

We are a large school district in the upper Northwest.  We bought 3 stand up desks at the insistence of one of our staffers.  Since then we have bought 8 more…

Our staff loves being able to sit or stand at their desk.  They are in control and they like that.   We have not tried them in the classroom yet, but considering it.

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