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Tips for Standing at your Desk

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Tips for Standing at your Desk


  • The user’s legs, torso, neck, and head are approximately in line and vertical.
  • Always face the object of work.
  • Keep body close to the work.
  • Adjust the workplace to get enough space to change working position.
  • Use a foot rail or portable footrest to shift body weight from one to the other leg.
  • Use a seat whenever possible while working, or at least when the work process allows for rest.
  • Use a floor pad for hard and/or cold surfaces.

Different tasks require different work surface heights:

  • Precision work, such as writing or electronic assembly – 2 inches above elbow height; elbow support is needed.
  • Light work, such as assembly-line or repetitive movement (pipetting) – about 2-4 inches below elbow height.
  • Heavy work, demanding downward forces – from 8-16 inches below elbow height.
  • Organize your work so that the usual operations are done within easy reach.





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