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Lethargic Tired Workers


Do you ever find yourself yawning at your desk or straining for the energy to keep up your concentration level?  If so it is not your fault, it may be due to your posture.  When we sit, our body naturally starts to shut down.  Like laying down to read, it a Pavlovian signal to our brains that it is time to relax.   Is it any wonder we get tired at work?Desk Standing on the other hand, sends the opposite signal.  Standing up sends an innate message to every cell in your body:  “Time to get some work done.” So take advantage of the natural energy boost you get from simply changing your perspective.

No dangerous caffeine or energy shots to make you jittery.  Turbo charge your output naturally by letting you blood flow freely.  You will feel better, Guaranteed!  and  Your productivity will skyrocket.