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When Office workers are fit and healthy they maximize productivity. Listen to your body. The machine that is your body was really not designed for sitting a around all day. Physical activity give the bones and muscles a workout and allows internal organs to function well.

Standing means legs and backsides don’t get numb because when you stand up, your blood can flow freely.  Think standing will make you tired?   Guess what?   Standing actually gives you MORE energy.  Don’t underestimate the power of momentum.

Remember Newton’s ” a body at rest stays at rest..” well the corollary is true, “a body in motion stays in motion”

Office Managers love it because their office workers are more productive. Office Workers love it because they feel better and have more control of their work environment, customized to how they operate best.

And certainly a standing body stays alert and avoids the afternoon funk. So, office workers, stand up for your right to be healthy! You don’t need to be confined to your chair. Your work deserves your best effort and you can give it and more when you transform into a dynamo of energy. So get up, and more forward in your career! As REM says, “Stand in the place where you work.”