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Why Stand up?

So what is all the fuss about standing up at your desk?  It does not look any more strenuous than sitting, so is there really any benefit?  You might be surprised!  Standing will burn 50% more calories, that 50 an hour, 200 if you stand just 4 hours per day.   You can tap into these life-changing benefits this week if you start standing at work:

Better Circulation
  • Better circulation - When you stand up, even part time, your blood flows better. You can avoid circulation and urinary problems that plague people who sit all day.
More Energy
  • More energy – Standing lets your blood flows freely and your muscles get more oxygen. So you feel better for longer. Avoid any mid afternoon slump, instead you a burst of energy to power to avoid “down time.”
Increase Productivuty
  • Increased productivity – More oxygen in your blood means more oxygen gets to your brain. You will be surprised how sharp and focused your brain operates and how much more work you finish.
Increase Brain Power
  • Increased Brain Power — More oxygen to your brain prevents mental fatigue, and your lets your creative juices flow.
Less Pain
  • Less pain – Studies show reduced back injuries or less back pain for standing desks users. People with back or leg problems simply cannot endure the stress that prolonged sitting at a desk creates. Even a one hour standing break per day will relieve the stress on your spine caused by sitting all day.
Strenghten your Core
  • Stronger core– Standing gives your core muscles a workout withoutyou even knowing it. If you don’t like doing crunches, why not work out the easy way?