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Why PopUpDeskTop is Best?

 Why The PopUpDeskTop?

  • The PopUpDeskTop sits right on top of your current desk, so you don’t have to buy a new desk
  • Smart design lets you can transition from sitting to standing in seconds
  • The large 36” top gives you a full 3 feet of workspace, enough to fit your laptop and all your paperwork
  • Solid construction includes no-slip feet and a super-durable work surface.
  • Hidden space below is perfect for holding supporting files or your next project, keeping your desk clean.

Special Patented Portability

When you want a sitting break you just move the stand and you have your old desk back.  If you don’t have the room to store your PopUpDeskTop, simply collapse it for easy storage. Just loosen the thumbscrews, fold in the sides, fold down the back and secure it in the folded position. It easily slides behind a door or file cabinet.